Who will you live your life for?

Let’s be clear. I have no ambition toward wealth, no aspirations to lead a company from the corner suite. I have no yearning to live in a million dollar home or drive a $65,000 car. When I dream big, I don’t dream of a 6-figure income and a budget to fly around the world choosing where to stop for … Read more


Do you remember Miss Minnie Pearl? I think my first recollection of her was back in the radio days of listening to the Grand Ole Opry but if that’s not it, I remember her from the television program Hee Haw. She wore plain house dresses, sensible tie-up shoes, and a straw hat with its price … Read more

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day. Why not? This year marks the 100th year for celebration of this holiday in honor of mothers. It was 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the 2nd Sunday in May to be the day we would observe the role of motherhood. The 1914 date is just a mark in time … Read more

Becoming: Proverbs 31 Girl ✓

A reader of my blog noticed my confession that I have never achieved Proverbs 31 status and sent me this post. I like the concept and think I can relate completely to how it’s done.   https://daughterbydesign.wordpress.com/2011/06/18/becoming-proverbs-31-girl-%E2%9C%93/

Be blessed

Be blessed … I write a lot of cards and emails. Shocking, huh? I’ve often said that if Hallmark ever goes out of business; blame me because it’s probably because I quit writing cards.  Up until the past couple years, I wrote real hold-in-your-hand cards for birthdays. Now I also send email or post on … Read more

What Not To Wear

It’s Monday everyone!  I had to laugh when reading the side of a coffee mug that said “I’m allergic to Mondays.” The first thought in my mind? You guessed it.  “Doesn’t that just mean your Tuesday is your Monday?”  My dilemma on Monday is what to wear. I know what not to wear. No jeans, … Read more

Refining Grace