Under New Management: How Leading Organizations are Upending Business as Usual – Book Report

My first thought as I finished this book? Where was this management philosophy and leadership style when I was working 9 to 5? The good news is, the word is on the street that what was proven to work in the past, no longer works today. In fact, many management techniques of the past didn’t work back then either, and this generation is moving on. To be transparent here, I admit that a few of the ideas presented by author, David Burkus, are strikingly alien to me – but I …

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Be blessed

Be blessed … I write a lot of cards and emails. Shocking, huh? I’ve often said that if Hallmark ever goes out of business; blame me because it’s probably because I quit writing cards.  Up until the past couple years, I wrote real hold-in-your-hand cards for birthdays. Now I also send email or post on Facebook or Twitter or LinkedIn. Recently, I subscribed to an online service through a friend Amber Bruce, called Send-out-cards. I choose the card, type my message, type the address and the service prints and sends …

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Refining Grace