enJOY the gift of today

This post isn’t Advent related, but after the crushing news of another shooting in California, I decided to take another path today. All I could do was pray for the victims and loved ones left behind. Let us never become so accustomed to these tragedies that we are desensitized to the consequences. How was your … Read more

Today I am thankful for snow

I’ve been posting only on my Facebook page, but … today — well, today I am thankful for snow. Today I am thankful for snow. Before you remind me of the hazards and treachery of snow covered roads, let’s talk about why snow is something to be thankful for. Snow is natural beauty decor. In … Read more

I'm glad God doesn't have mood swings

Before you read let me say I hope what your read here today is not at all like what you experienced yesterday or will experience today. Instead I hope your day is peaceful and that every conversation has an element of kindness. I pray that everyone who reads finds something to be joyful about today. There is … Read more

No Regrets

No regrets … when we hear ‘no regrets’ isn’t it usually attached to the theme of a motivational speaker or tagged onto the end of a be-all-you-can-be-plus-more dialog? This isn’t about that. This is about being who you are, right this minute, no driving ambition to ‘be more’. Instead just for today consider being comfortable … Read more

Well that didn’t work! What was I thinking? Planning so that doesn’t happen.

Have you heard the latest? We are already two days into the New Year and some of us are still thinking through what we plan to accomplish in 2015. I said some of us. If you are one of those other ones who has their list written, posted, and are already in hot pursuit of … Read more

Our purpose is a whisper away

Sometimes God hears our whispers when we don’t dare to speak out loud. This morning I read ahead in my Bible Study. I was just wandering actually, probably procrastinating – if you want the honest truth. I’ve been questioning a lot lately about what, out of all the avenues I could take, which ones are … Read more

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day

Let’s talk about Mother’s Day. Why not? This year marks the 100th year for celebration of this holiday in honor of mothers. It was 1914 when President Woodrow Wilson proclaimed the 2nd Sunday in May to be the day we would observe the role of motherhood. The 1914 date is just a mark in time … Read more

Refining Grace