Ma(g,n)ic Monday … You Choose

It’s here everybody.  Monday, Monday!  Will yours be MaGic or MaNic?  I choose G over N.  It occurred to me last week that we have an enemy on the prowl and it has laser vision, sensitive radar and unparalleled sonar. This enemy is on a mission to destroy anything we have that’s good and brings … Read more

What's your product?

What’s your product? Maybe it’s because I have been a writer by some vague definition for so many years, or maybe it’s because I’m a self-diagnosed information junkie, but no matter the reason – my email inbox is flooded with opportunities. There’s a steady stream of opportunities for me to purchase a product that will … Read more

What Not To Wear

It’s Monday everyone!  I had to laugh when reading the side of a coffee mug that said “I’m allergic to Mondays.” The first thought in my mind? You guessed it.  “Doesn’t that just mean your Tuesday is your Monday?”  My dilemma on Monday is what to wear. I know what not to wear. No jeans, … Read more

It's Monday …

It’s Monday everybody!  What does that mean to you? Are you the one who bounds out of bed and greets the day with “Good morning, Lord!” or are you more inclined to “Good Lord, it’s morning!” Well guess what, my friends – either way it’s morning. It’s a new day, and yes, that was a … Read more

Ma_ic Monday

It’s Monday everyone…..Time to rise and shine! How was your weekend? Fun? Boring? Frenetic? Relaxing? Too fast and over in a flash?  And now here we are….back to what? Whatever your plan for today, it’s Monday!  How will you fill in the blank? Ma(g,n)ic!   Have you ever thought about why Monday gets such a … Read more