No Regrets

No regrets … when we hear ‘no regrets’ isn’t it usually attached to the theme of a motivational speaker or tagged onto the end of a be-all-you-can-be-plus-more dialog? This isn’t about that. This is about being who you are, right this minute, no driving ambition to ‘be more’. Instead just for today consider being comfortable in your own skin and thinking how satisfying it is to just be you. No regrets. Forget about everything that happened yesterday and the day before that, and even before that. We can’t change the …

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Do you remember Miss Minnie Pearl? I think my first recollection of her was back in the radio days of listening to the Grand Ole Opry but if that’s not it, I remember her from the television program Hee Haw. She wore plain house dresses, sensible tie-up shoes, and a straw hat with its price tag hanging off to one side.  She was an audacious comedian who could take an ordinary situation and turn it into hilarity just by the way she phrased her sentence.  In one scene Miss Minnie …

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Image of Forgiveness

I’m not sure why an event has been rerunning in my mind all night, but it could be the message on forgiveness I heard that was truthfully pointed, yet lovingly delivered.  Too often lately it seems that so many relationships have been through trauma.  Deep sadness has resulted from friendships torn apart by unintentional rumors and intentional criticisms.  Families are in turmoil because of misunderstandings gone unresolved for so long there is no memory of cause, but the nettles and thorns continue to grow.  Hurt cuts deep. Healing takes an act of God. …

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Refining Grace