Hazardous Driving Conditions

Yesterday I woke up exhausted – but it didn’t last long. I perked right up on the trek into work on the most treacherous road conditions of the winter so far. Not that my mind wandered too far away from the strategic mission of the moment – get in the car and drive – but … Read more

Lessons from Lucy

I learned a life lesson from a cartoon a few days ago. Who would think that attending the production of‘You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown’ at Cornerstone University would leave an impression, other than a persistent smile? You would have recognized the personalities of all the characters. Happy-go-lucky Sally, Contented Linus with his famous Blue … Read more

Walk the Talk

If you’ve read this blog just a few times, you will know that I promote friendship, good relationships, and kindness. My main goal is to be an encouragement and produce a spark of joy to anyone who stops by to read. I had a family and friend filled weekend. From the Friday night birthday gathering to the fellowship chili dinner … Read more

Saturday Strategy

I woke up this morning – too early for a Saturday – with this thought on my mind.  “I look up to the mountains; does my strength come from mountains? No, my strength comes from God, who made heaven, and earth, and mountains.” Psalm 121:1  I knew instantly the source of that verse and why … Read more


My heart ached for my friend who tearfully said, “I’m so disappointed.” She didn’t even have to tell me why; I just knew her spirit was crushed at that moment because something had gone wrong. I visited my daughter who, at age 38, had a stroke and is enduring an intense, laborious recovery. I see … Read more

Refining Grace