Every strand makes a difference

A few days ago, I asked, “Ever have a day when everything went right?” And of course we all agreed, that hardly ever happens. So we get infatuated with the days when things settle down to a productive hum. I was in that zone awhile back, a feeling all sorts of confident, I tackled some … Read more

The 3 Gaps by Hyrum Smith – Book Summary

When I picked up this book and began reading, I learned, within two pages, something I had never thought of before. Ask anyone what their long term goals are and, almost always, one of them will be, to make a difference. What I found out in the first few pages of this book, is that … Read more

When God says the timing is right . . . and then it happens

We’ve been through two weeks of advent readings now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far. One thing that’s caught my attention over the last 14 days is the travel back and forth between the Old Testament and the New Testament and making connections between what was promised and what was fulfilled. Did any … Read more

Today I am thankful for the gift of time

I know. We hear all these trite clichés about time, don’t we? “You have all the time in the world.” or “Time is fleeting.” or “Take your time.” or “On your death bed you will never wish you’d spent more time at the office.” Benjamin Franklin said “Lost time is never found again.” What do … Read more


Yesterday I posted some thoughts on change. Not to get stuck on a topic, but change is so pervasive, so let’s visit it again – then move on to something else. Sometimes change is exciting! Anticipation of shifting what is happening now to make room for something new can be enticing and motivating. A chapter closes, … Read more

Encourage or Inspire?

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning ♪♫•*¨ To You ¸•♫¸.•.¸ Have you ever thought about our English language and wondered why we have so many words that mean the same thing but sometimes aren’t used interchangeably? Have you seen a thesaurus? OK – so maybe I’m the only one who wakes up in … Read more

The Promise

Whoa! Has anyone else noticed the extreme number of last minute offers flooding your inbox? Many of them appeal to my sense of pride an ambition promising that if I sign up with them, all my plans will succeed. The tug is there. Who doesn’t want to be successful? Who isn’t on a mission to … Read more

Where does the time go?

I’m a Facebook Fan, in fact, I’m a social media fan and it doesn’t matter if it’s a popular service or obscure.  I probably have an account there. Admittedly there are many flaws in social media; there’s the good, the great, and the ugly, but it’s the same with everything else.  I prefer to use … Read more

Good, better, best

When was the last time someone told you, “You’re trying too hard” or ‘You’re over-thinking that”? Perplexing, isn’t it? We were taught way back in Kindergarten “Good, better, best. Never let it rest, until your good is better and your better is its best.”  Right? Remember?  Getting to best means hard work; it means effort. … Read more

Refining Grace