Advent Week 4 Theme: Peace – When do we get to the Christmas story?

I had no computer for two days and a misbehaving phone. I’m not sure I want to ditch technology as a long term solution to busyness, but having a phone that didn’t work right and a computer that perpetually fell asleep while I was using it – was – well, let’s say, an interesting experience. … Read more

Advent Theme: Hope – When it's dark, there's something about the light.

There’s something about light. Imagine a world where there was nothing but darkness all the time. Imagine weeks of cloudy, dreary days. Imagine days when we spend more hours in the dark than we do in the light. Some of us drive to work in the dark and on the way home – yep! It’s … Read more

You are now entering the mission field!

Can we start over at the gateway to summer?  In June, didn’t we all feel like we were on a mission to enjoy the days of summer?  How successfully did that mission progress? The countdown has begun. Mom’s everywhere are on the fence with this one.  On one side, the return to structure, a time … Read more

Go toward the light …

When I enter a room to relax, kick back, veg out – in short, to become the epitome of a couch potato in appearance and momentum – I dim the lights, grab my blanket, and enter the state of inertia.  Not so when I enter a room with intentions to work on a project, read … Read more

Hazardous Driving Conditions

Yesterday I woke up exhausted – but it didn’t last long. I perked right up on the trek into work on the most treacherous road conditions of the winter so far. Not that my mind wandered too far away from the strategic mission of the moment – get in the car and drive – but … Read more


My heart ached for my friend who tearfully said, “I’m so disappointed.” She didn’t even have to tell me why; I just knew her spirit was crushed at that moment because something had gone wrong. I visited my daughter who, at age 38, had a stroke and is enduring an intense, laborious recovery. I see … Read more

Refining Grace