Preparing for Glory book review

Nobody wants to talk about it, but the truth is, if you were once born, you will someday die. It’s how life works. Conversations about death occur only when when it’s fierce and imminent. That’s why I bought this book and why I am recommending it to you.

Elizabeth Reynolds Turnage has written this primer, Preparing for Glory: Biblical Answers 40 Questions on Living and Dying in Hope of Heaven. If you’re curious, I want you to know what to expect as you read and learn from this book.

As the title suggests, there are 40 questions and 40 Biblical answers. I appreciated how the author organized the questions into seven different categories. I didn’t read them in order, because my interest was piqued when I recognized the topic of Aging, Sickness, and Dying. The five questions included under that topic [Part Three] pertained to my current situation. Just two of the questions answered are: “What does it look like to live wisely and graciously as we age?” And “How do we know which medical means to employ at the end of life?” Those questions are two of the 40 questions covered in the book.

Each question is answered in short essay style; a Bible verse and scripture passage are included with each answer. A QR code for each question directs readers to a supplementary article that further enhances what can be learned about the question. Turnage offers a written prayer relevant to the topic and suggests ways to reflect even more on what was read.

I’m sharing the topics covered in the book to give you an idea of the breadth of what the author has in store for you. Part One: Eternal Glory, Death, Christ’s Resurrection, and Heaven; Part Two: The Day of the Lord, The New Heaven and the New Earth, and the Final Judgement; Part Three: Aging, Sickness, and Dying; Part Four: Living, Preparing and Sharing Our Legacy; Part Five: The Church and Preparing for Glory; Part Six: The Journey of Grief; Part Seven: Ending Well

Each of the parts has a series of questions that will help you prepare well for yourself or help others prepare well for those they leave behind. Learn here about “practical legacy” and “spiritual legacy” with how they are different and why both are valuable. 

Certainly, there are other books on the topic. This one is gentle on your soul, full of truth and information you need to help those you love understand what needs to be done in the transition from here (life) to there (death).

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