The 3 Gaps by Hyrum Smith – Book Summary

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Written By Jane Anderson

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When I picked up this book and began reading, I learned, within two pages, something I had never thought of before. Ask anyone what their long term goals are and, almost always, one of them will be, to make a difference. What I found out in the first few pages of this book, is that we make a difference by not giving up; by refusing to quit. Regardless of current conditions, tragedies of the past, or skepticism of the future, Hyrum Smith writes with convincing clarity, that we can have a positive impact in our world and be a catalyst to make a difference. We can’t quit. We must not give up. A summary of the entire book can be read at:
Where do the gaps come in? Beliefs, Values, and Time.the 3 Gaps book cover
The Beliefs Gap: What we believe to be true and what is actually true
The Values Gap:  What we say we value, but what we truly value shows up in how we spend our time
The Time Gap: What we plan to do in a day and what we actually get done in a day
Read the book summary here:
Do you want to make a difference? This book might be the foundation you need to make it happen.
You can buy this book now at Barnes & Noble.

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