Finishing Well, or Just Finishing

Happy Birthday, Billy Graham. A hero of the Christian faith turned 98 on November 7th. Billy Graham has lived in the public eye since he was in his twenties, stayed true to his faith in Jesus Christ and has never been involved in immorality or been the object of scandal. When I was 11 years old my friends who had TV talked about watching Billy Graham Crusades and 40 years later I was still watching him talk about the object of his faith. In honor of Billy Graham’s birthday and his impeccable …

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What if the life you’ve always wanted is the life of your past?

Make this your best year ever! We hear them everywhere, affirmations that this time, this year will be different. If you can dream it, you can do it. No excuses. No regrets. Have the life you’ve always wanted. But what if the life you’ve always wanted has become the life of your past? Reading back over my prayer journal, I’m flooded with sorrowful memories of unexpected loss. Five of my friends, women with beautiful hearts who loved their husbands were suddenly thrust into lives alone when, in God’s sovereignty he …

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Even the most optimistic deal with sadness

It’s been 4 years. Actually it was 4 years on October 20th, but you will understand my hesitation to post this when you recognize the topic. You see, I’m the optimist, positive thinker, peacemaker, encourager, and smile starter. I hide from attention and shy away from sentimentality but this story is both of those and therein lies the reason I pulled the plug on this post – until today. It was during a Tuesday night meeting of our Ladies’ Bible Study that I received the call from my daughter’s roommate. …

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Refining Grace