Even the most optimistic deal with sadness

It’s been 4 years. Actually it was 4 years on October 20th, but you will understand my hesitation to post this when you recognize the topic. You see, I’m the optimist, positive thinker, peacemaker, encourager, and smile starter. I hide from attention and shy away from sentimentality but this story is both of those and therein lies the reason I pulled the plug on this post – until today. It was during a Tuesday night meeting of our Ladies’ Bible Study that I received the call from my daughter’s roommate. …

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Comparison is the Opposite of Contentment

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning Sometimes I struggle. Does that ever happen to you? Struggle? If we put our list of struggles side by side there’s a good chance there would be no matches, but we would all have something on our lists. I have a lifelong infatuation with the word ‘why’; not so much the academic, ‘Why does that formula work when this one doesn’t?’ but the practical, ‘Why did this happen when it’s not at all what I expected.’  We’ve all been there, navigating the …

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Downhearted? No!

Are we downhearted, no, no, no –  Are we downhearted, no, no, no – Troubles may come and troubles may go, but we’ll trust in Jesus … I remember standing up in children’s church at the age of 8 surrounded by other kid’s singing with our outside voices, boisterous and in no particular key. Singing and shouting – Are we downhearted?  No! No! No!   But sometimes we are downhearted.  It’s easy to sing the words, belt them out for all the world to hear, but rumbling deep inside is a …

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Refining Grace