Inspired & Heavy

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Written By Jane Anderson

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I’ve been thinking . . .
The word ‘depend’ is heavy. You know. Like the times when someone says, “I depend on you.” It can be a burden to know someone is relying on you to be there, to show up, to be supportive, and to come alongside to help. Heavy!
The word ‘depend’ is inspiring. You know. Like the times when someone says, “I depend on you.” When others see you as reliable, trusted, valued, and capable it’s motivating and encouraging. Inspiring!
If we look up depend in the dictionary, it won’t tell us how to feel. But depend has feelings.
In that tiny 6-letter word is a heaviness that implies there will be failure if we aren’t there. But in that same word is confidence that inspires us to show up.
The truth is we are all called upon to be the one who shows up to help, to support, to encourage, to inspire. Be dependable.
Someone depends on you.
You depend on someone.
Anyway … that’s what I was thinking.

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  1. This is so true! I’m quite involved in the youth group at my church as a leader. Those teenagers depend on me. And sometimes it can be a heavy burden, but I inspire them to keep going, and they do the same for me. But God call us to this and we should answer! Great post!


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