The Truth About Investing

I miss blogging. There I said it. I don’t count my followers. I don’t analyze the geographic locations of my readers. I have the smallest degree of popularity.  I love that people sometimes read and comment on what I have to say, but what I really miss about blogging is spilling out the contents of my heart because it’s part of who I am. I met up with a friend yesterday whom I had not seen in over 2 years. She needed a guest to join her on her radio …

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I will not be weary

Proverbs 30:1 ““I am weary, God, but I can prevail.” That’s what I’m going to be saying today….all day.  Last night I went to the rodeo.  Let me just say it. I love the rodeo! From the first announcement to the last event – I’m there.  And that means I didn’t get here (home) until almost midnight.  I don’t know what the announcer is called as a vocation, but I call him a Christ follower.  He started with a speech honoring military for serving our country so we can be …

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Refining Grace