Excavation of ThanksLiving

Yesterday was ThanksLiving Day. We can give thanks or we can just make it a way we live – in finding ways to be thankful even when we have to drag in the excavation crew to clear away the shambles and shine a light on fresh perspective. It’s possible, even probable when we have the … Read more

Mighty Warrior

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning! It’s Friday everyone …. and the countdown to the weekend begins.  I’ve been thinking a lot about friends who have lost jobs recently. I’m sure those friends were thankful for their jobs and went to work every day with an attitude of gratitude. God promises us in … Read more

Flames of joy

Recently, a friend posted an idea on Facebook that suggested starting a Joy Jar or call it a Blessings Jar or maybe repurpose a Thankful List to become a Thankful Jar.  I decided to translate my daily ‘thanks’ to daily ‘blessings’ and toss them one by one into a Blessings Jar. I don’t want to … Read more

Refining Grace