An article, by Hallie Levine Sklar, in the March 2013 Issue of Health Magazine discusses strategies to “Pump Up Your Immune System”.  All good advice with tips on diet, exercise, and vitamins with the all American favorite strategy at the end, Cut Back On Stress. She quotes Bruce Rabin, MD, medical director of the University … Read more

When the answer is no

I had to say no, and disappoint my friend. That was tough – and as I considered how I would explain my reasons for no, it bothered me all day. There is nothing that causes more distress for me than being the source of disappointment to anyone…friend, co-workers, acquaintances, family… disappointment is high on my … Read more


Have you ever been tense?  Do we know what tension is? Where does it come from? I’m sure we can come up with a few examples.  According to the dictionary, tension is the act or state of being stretched or strained, manifested in strained relationships, mental or emotional strain, a situation or condition of hostility, … Read more