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OK OK I get it! When we hear those words, don’t we think ‘Please spare me the lame commercial!’? I’m going to take a wild guess here and assume most everyone who reads this is a friend from Michigan, or in a state with similar weather patterns. As I look outside, the sun is frozen on a horizon of slate and crystal. The number 27 glares at me from the thermometer and I think that it’s a nice number for age, but as an outdoor temperature it’s dreadful. Winter comes …

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Patterns, designs, and truth

Last year at this time, I was looking outside and wondering if spring would ever show up. The telltale signs of winter were etched in snow covered trees with accumulations of the now too familiar white stuff clinging to the driveway and blanketing every inch of grass. According to the calendar spring had arrived, but really? Would there be no end to deep freeze temperatures and would the snow every stop? I’m a naturally positive person, but I was getting discouraged until God reminded me of a few things about …

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Refining Grace