A Different Edit

I’ve recently been asked to edit a book. On the surface it sounds easy. What could it take, right? Just some proofreading – edit – suggest a few changes – correct  – re-write  – and proofread again  – and that’s how I commit my time helping a friend with a project powered by his passion.  I love writing, creating word pictures, choosing words that unravel complexity making a subject easier to understand. I love writing, stirring imaginative thought, inspiring joy, encouraging resourceful acts. I love writing, even though an intense, …

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Character is what you do when – well, it's what you do.

I’ve been thinking a lot about something. I just read a book by Hyrum Smith titled The 3 Gaps. I won’t go into the entire book here because I’ll be posting a book summary at a later date – but the main theme of the book was focused on how we behave, what we do each day, that proves what we believe, what our governing values are, and how we spend our time.  If you ask a group of people what they want to do with their life, a large percentage …

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You'll never regret being kind

My husband was going through some of our ancient boxes of keepsakes and found my also ancient autograph book. I giggled my way through some of the poems “Roses are red, violets are blue” and sentiments written by middle school friends, then I came to this page and was warmed to my core. Back in 2014 I wrote about someone who impacted my life, Grandma Windnagle. I didn’t remember that she had written in my autograph book, but there it is on February 8, 1967, her message to my not …

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Refining Grace