Where are your thoughts? Why does it matter?

For everyone on your third cup of coffee already….I hope you are in your happy place – not in the middle of a chaotic, “Where did I put my keys” kind of day. Where do those days lead? Right. Straight to a headache. Right now. . . Take a deep breath. Exhale.Right now. . . Focus on something that calms your mind.Right now. . . Turn your thoughts where your soul is happy. Here is a bit of joy and encouragement for your day. Do not let the enemy of …

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A Friend is Someone Who Saves Your Place

A few days ago on Facebook one of my friends posted something like “I’m babysitting kids, that don’t need a babysitter, on a Friday night. I must not have any friends.” I giggled inwardly because I knew this funny, sweet girl has lots of friends and she was totally joking about her evaporating prospects for a fun Friday night, not lamenting. I posted back, “Oh no, you don’t. Once you’re my friend you’re always my friend.  Yeah, true, I’m the older version of a friend.” This made me stop and think …

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Being Different

Butterflies and sunshine … imagine blue sky stained with airbrushed clouds, lightly wafting wind, sparkles of light flecking ripples of waves as they dash toward shore, green lush carpets of grass, sun glinting off softly rustling leaves.  Imagine … Remember. Painted memory pictures of kind words spoken, received, heard and returned over and over. There is plenty wrong with the world; but there is plenty right. We make it right by being the difference; being the light in a dark world.  For many years I’ve had a tagline attached to …

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Refining Grace