Advent Week 4 Theme: Peace – Today, wise men and women still seek Jesus

From the day we decorate our Christmas tree, until they day we put the ornaments away, our tree is illuminated. The lights add an unmistakable calm to the room. I have to be transparent here. My husband told me he didn’t feel like taking the tree down last year so I jokingly told him to … Read more

Advent Week 4 Theme: Peace – It's Christmas Day! Merry Christmas everyone

We have only a few days left of the Advent readings for this year. We all have traditions that we treasure: places we go, events we can’t miss, loved ones we visit, favorite things we bake.  I’ve enjoyed reading these scriptures the past four weeks and hope you’ve found joy in reading the historical Christmas … Read more

When God says the timing is right . . . and then it happens

We’ve been through two weeks of advent readings now.  I hope you’ve enjoyed the tour so far. One thing that’s caught my attention over the last 14 days is the travel back and forth between the Old Testament and the New Testament and making connections between what was promised and what was fulfilled. Did any … Read more

Advent Theme: Hope for the world, the Ultimate Peacemaker

I have always been and always will be a cheerleader for the underdog. Here’s what I love about the Advent scripture for today. Hundreds of years before Jesus was born, Micah said a  small,   insignificant town (Bethlehem) would produce a king (Jesus). Although born to a carpenter, Jesus was the true Messiah (King). Most … Read more

Advent Theme: Hope – what the world needs now

Here’s something you might not know. According to Fisher Ames (1800) “Politics is the science of good sense, applied to public affairs”. Nice try, but probably not accurate even in the 1800s. Hello, reality! Politics has existed for thousands of years.  Having a conundrum of platforms and views to consider is nothing new, nor is … Read more

Advent Theme: Hope – What are you waiting for?

Have you ever been hiking in the woods and noticed something that seems strange? Like a tiny branch growing up through a dead stump or a tree in the middle of a rock.  Today’s advent reading has meaningful applications for our lives today, just as it did when it was written around 700 BC.  The … Read more

Faith – Baby vs Strong Man

Do you ever ask God for one thing and you’re baffled when you get something else, entirely different? I know. Me too. It might take a long time to understand that God knew what he was doing, but God said, “Trust me on this. I’m doing what is best for you,” he meant it. (2 … Read more

Refining Grace