48 years: It Gets Better

When I was a teenager who knew everything, adults who seemed ancient to me at age 55 or 60 kept talking about how tough marriage was. When I knew everything, I wondered why these people stayed married then. After all – if it’s so hard, just make it easy and don’t stay married. Go get … Read more

What if you didn't marry your best friend?

Once upon a time there were two kids who got married on a beautiful, snowy day in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m sure parents, family, and friends thought they were witnessing a wedding then that would turn into divorce before anniversary number one. Well, that didn’t happen as you can see, because here we are celebrating … Read more

What God has joined . . .

Open letter to my precious, loving husband. Today we celebrate 43 years of life together. I can’t imagine life without you. “For better – we’ve had better; for worse – we’ve had worse” and that’s how to live the storybook life. The first years were like being in a canoe – paddle one side, then … Read more

Refining Grace