48 years: It Gets Better

When I was a teenager who knew everything, adults who seemed ancient to me at age 55 or 60 kept talking about how tough marriage was. When I knew everything, I wondered why these people stayed married then. After all – if it’s so hard, just make it easy and don’t stay married. Go get … Read more

A Different Edit

I’ve recently been asked to edit a book. On the surface it sounds easy. What could it take, right? Just some proofreading – edit – suggest a few changes – correct  – re-write  – and proofread again  – and that’s how I commit my time helping a friend with a project powered by his passion.  … Read more

Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! book summary

Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! I think more than the title of this book, the real magnet for me is the subtitle. “Calm down, ditch your inner-critic, and finally figure out what your body needs to thrive.” The author, Lisa Lewtan, has written a masterpiece and if you practice what you read in this book … Read more

What's the going style for armor? I'm looking for a matching set.

I don’t like to shop. It’s not that I detest it or that shopping causes a war within myself when I have to do it. It’s just that there are other things I enjoy more. I admit, though, that I like new things; especially clothes. Hand-me-downs or thrift-store finds are just as fun to wear … Read more

Refining Grace