Super Bowl 50 … Afterglow

I’m curious. Did your team win? Not to gloat or anything, but mine did. Go Broncos! My oldest daughter, who passed away in 2010 was a diehard Broncos fan. She knew every statistic of every player, had strong opinions of strategies used on the field, and even wrote to the head coach with her advice. … Read more

The 1st Mother's Day

Mother’s Day …. is today! I hope you aren’t too saturated with Mother’s Day stories already. Oh! And if you hurry you still have time to wish someone a happy Mother’s Day. Yesterday I noticed a marquee in front of our local flower shop proclaiming “Celebrate moms.  The original seatbelt.”  I know.  I laughed too.  … Read more

Accumulated Futures

I’m sitting here looking at this blank cell that starts out ‘What’s on your mind?” I have a lot on my mind – so much in fact, that I have just one thing to say – Happy, •*•♫♪¸.•* Happier *•♫♪¸¸ Happiest, ♫•*¨*•.¸ New ♪♫•*¨*•. Year¸¸.♫♪♪*¨*•*•♫ Remember that today is the beginning of a new year, … Read more

Comfort and Joy

Comfort, comfort my people … shortly before I went to bed, I got a text from a friend with a message not unlike many I had received this week. “Without warning two of my friends were laid off indefinitely from their jobs. Please help me pray for them.” I had a sick feeling multiplied by … Read more

What's in your snowball?

What’s in your snowball? I’ve been thinking about snowballs a lot lately. It might have started when I opened email from several different friends and saw was a snowball headed straight for me. Maybe these thoughts of snowballs was prompted by a text from my grandson, Tyler, stationed in Virginia, saying “I want snow for … Read more

Take back your time day!

Did you know there’s an official day for reclaiming your time? Me either, but if you want to get your time back, apparently today is the day.  October 24th is Take Back Your Time Day. Seriously. Here’s the official statement from In July 2011, the United Nations urged all member nations to make “the … Read more

Refining Grace