Power Comes From Attitude

Have you ever made a commitment, then as the time approached you were overcome with fear or insecurity or dread? I know that feeling. What if, like me, the commitment was long term and you wondered how you would hold up through it and endure to the end? Maybe you haven’t been there and can’t … Read more

It's Optional

How often do you think about options? Last week I was at an event where there were tables of snack food, so many options. I was looking at my messy calendar and trying to schedule a real meeting with a friend and thought – options. I was spending an evening at home and decided to … Read more

Mighty Warrior

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning! It’s Friday everyone …. and the countdown to the weekend begins.  I’ve been thinking a lot about friends who have lost jobs recently. I’m sure those friends were thankful for their jobs and went to work every day with an attitude of gratitude. God promises us in … Read more

Refining Grace