For $1 you can see the world

We are not so different, you and I. We had been mall prowling for a while. To use the term ‘shopping’ would be misleading since at this point the only places we’d managed to hand over some cash was at Starbucks, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels and the food court where there were entrées  from every nation: Italian, Chinese, Mexican, Japanese, Indian, and American – whatever the craving, we could find it at this virtual smorgasbord of many nations.  In the center of it all, what the kids were waiting for was …

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Today is a good day to be thankful

I’ve never done this before, incorporated several days of musings into one post, but I’m thankful … and I want you to be thankful too.  When you hear someone say, “There’s always something!” isn’t it always with a growling undertone? Well this is not about that. To me, “There’s always something … ” is the beginning of a string of “…to be thankful for.”  So here are my last few days of musing on being thankful. November 6, 2015 Today I am thankful for young people. I’m not going to …

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Refining Grace