48 years: It Gets Better

When I was a teenager who knew everything, adults who seemed ancient to me at age 55 or 60 kept talking about how tough marriage was. When I knew everything, I wondered why these people stayed married then. After all – if it’s so hard, just make it easy and don’t stay married. Go get … Read more

What God has joined . . .

Open letter to my precious, loving husband. Today we celebrate 43 years of life together. I can’t imagine life without you. “For better – we’ve had better; for worse – we’ve had worse” and that’s how to live the storybook life. The first years were like being in a canoe – paddle one side, then … Read more

Happy 42nd Anniversary

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning  To You Good Morning  To You …… and Happy 42nd Anniversary to my lifetime partner and husband, Tim. I’ve written about commitment a LOT and today that’s what it’s all about. On this day, January 16, 1971 Tim and I were married at the little church in Bergland, … Read more

Refining Grace