I hear there is rain in the forecast. Interesting fact for the climate, but what does that mean outside the atmosphere? Many of us are affected by gloomy weather. Cloudy outside and … well what if that created an opportunity to be sunny inside. I think of a candle that shines so much brighter in the dark than when it’s in a room full of light. Think of  how that relates to how having the inside right, makes the outside take care of itself.
When it’s dark, gloomy, and raining, don’t we put on a raincoat, and maybe even shield ourselves with an umbrella? Why is that? Sure, too keep from getting wet. But isn’t it more than that? Isn’t it also to make sure our clothes stay dry, that we keep from getting cold, and worse yet, from getting sick? We protect the inner layer so we don’t suffer the ill effects later on. That’s how it is with the rain that drips irritations, drizzles frustrations, and all out cascades sorrow into our lives. We can be sheltered from  have to get out the armor, the rain coat, the umbrella (favorite Bible verses, supportive friends, and prayer).  It’s a new day we’re approaching . . . in fact, it’s here. Ready? Have you talked with God yet? Have you told him everything that’s on your heart? He knows it anyway, but have the heart to heart, get it out there where you can see at least the next step in your path. That’s why we have the light. It’s a good start and that’s all we need to get our shine on. Did you know our world depends on us to bring light? Somebody has to do it.  Why not us? Let God carry you high today…..shine shine shine. God will make today beautiful. Rebecca St. James – You make everything beautiful 

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