When the pieces fit you are at peace in your place

I’ve talked to few people lately who have made life-directing decisions. What college to attend? What academic path to follow? Dorm life or apartment dweller? Others have no aspirations of higher education, but are choosing jobs that could lead to a promising career or frustrating future. The common denominator in each of these options is place.  Where will I feel like I belong? How long will it be before all the pieces of my life are inside the pattern and not struggling to fit the mold? When will I fit in? I would like to say to each of these who are so inquisitive of expectations, your place is where you are in this moment. Your place doesn’t depend on how others view you. Your place doesn’t depend on if others accept you. Your place is defined by the choices you make that align with your values and create a comfortable sense of being authentic. You decide your place in the world. If you feel in conflict with where you are, it’s time to let go so you can find the place where you feel alive, feel at peace, and feel like you are in your happy place.
This post is a response to this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt: PLACE
This is also my first attempt at writing without overthinking, analyzing, or editing for 5 minutes.

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  1. I really love what you have said about how our place is determined by alignment with our values and being authentic. That is something no other person can give us OR take from us. I appreciate your post very much.
    Jeannie (your next door neighbour at #64 in the FMF linkup)


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