What's inside becomes what's outside . . .

YAY for Monday! I always let myself sleep an extra hour on Monday sort of a way to ease back into the work week maybe? I woke up this morning thinking Bible Study – so there is my thankful theme for today. I am thankful for the Bible Study in Daniel that our Women’s Refining Graces Ministries is doing. When I was a little kid and sang the song Dare to be a Daniel, I never realized what it really meant. I love the words integrity, faith, wisdom, and discernment. I believe that if you get the inside right, the rest will take care of itself, going beyond the ‘beauty is skin deep’. My prayer today is that if anyone is struggling at all today, we look inward and find everything good, focus on that until that is the strongest motivator for getting it right.  If you get the inside right, the rest will take care of itself.
The weekend didn’t go as planned and I hope that didn’t mean huge disappointments for you. In fact, I hope it turned out even better because of the rain. I feel bad for those without power and I prayed that it would all be restored by this morning.  On Saturday, I made a big long list of things I wanted to accomplish and last night as I was throwing my list away I realized AMAZED actually that I got everything done. That never happens, never. Prayer changes things.  Now there are many things that didn’t end up on THE LIST but those just don’t count. YAY! on to today. Remember: Nothing is better than this day. (repeat)

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