Watch it! unfamiliar path ahead

So did you watch the debate last night? Let me answer that. No! I’ve been listening and watching the story unfold and history being made for the past what? 10 months or more? Just as a game in sports is never won in the last second, neither is this political race. The final point, the final vote will decide – yes, of course.  But the game and this race has been played out over the duration. A debate (battle of words) doesn’t change circumstances, values, beliefs, philosophy, or evidence. Instead I reflected.  This Bible study on Daniel has taught me some new things that I had never thought about before. Talk about politics! Daniel was thrown into the lions den with ferocious (um the kind with big teeth and bigger claws than the storybook variety) blood thirsty lions because of politics. Let me clarify PRIDE of the king and politics. What changed Daniel’s situation? The king didn’t change his mind, reconsider and pull back. No! He even had a stone rolled over the den so there would be no turning back, no chance for Daniel to escape his circumstances. But prayer changes everything. Daniel experienced an intense encounter with God – his life was all about faith. What an amazing lesson in endurance, keeping the relationship with God alive, acting out of a heart filled up on faith. The uncertainties in life can overtake us, scare us senseless, smother our energy and rob us of our joy. Life has to be lived out of faith because this is the moment we have and our tomorrows are the accummulation what we do with all the little moments in between. My prayer is that we all remember that God clamps shut the mouths of the vicious lions – even those that surround us today. It’s all about walking by faith, not by sight.  We have to trust God in the dark for what He promised us in the light.  Here we go . . . stepping out in faith for this new day.

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