There will be storms

Last night our church held a Trunk or Treat event that’s gained in popularity over the past 15 years, maybe even longer.  With the weather outside ravaged by the remnants of hurricane Sandy, we brought the activities indoors. I was in the hot spot where kids love to be – with the inflatables. I don’t know how many kids and parents were in there, but it was packed out with family-friendly fun. Loud and happy, family fun.
That incident impressed upon me the way it is with life. There are periods of storms, long days and no relief from exhausting defeat. We’re stuck in the middle of dark destruction, but then we see light and go toward it with all the reserves we have left. Then we realize there is a hiding place, a refuge from the storm, a place inside where it’s safe and there is light and hope. In the dark days, faith leads us to that place where we can lay our burdens down, unlock the shackles that hold us back, and live with joy whose source is the giver or life itself, omniscient God. Thousands of years ago, Jesus asked his disciples why they were afraid, why was their faith so small. I ask myself that today.  Why do I stay outside in the storm where I’m aimlessly tossed around and thrown in every direction?  God provides a place of peace, and hope, when I follow him there’s a path with light to show me the way. In his life there are storms, but up ahead there is refuge, there is hope. Faith is everything.  Let’s wear it as we enter this new day.
I know the intent of the event gone wild last night was to provide fun for families, I get that.  But I hope above all the frenzy and fun, that our community felt the warmth of Christ and know that our desire as a church is to have the heart of God and live it out loud.

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