Awful or Awesome?

Yesterday at the end of a full and productive week, I was eager for the weekend. You know. Put work on the shelf, get into a book, take a long walk, watch a Hallmark movie. After hours of concentrated work with substantial progress I had that winning feeling. An hour later, I was overcome. The project that every ounce of energy had been poured into has to be reworked, and now instead of three weeks, I have one. There’s a big difference between being overcome and being an overcomer. Looking …

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In search of the ultimate gift: Advent Week 1 – December 3

What’s your morning routine? I sort of have one, I guess. There’s comfort in routine, like firing up the Keurig and enjoying my own fresh brewed dark roast coffee. It’s the best! Join me and read today’s advent story. As we were driving to Nebraska last week, we passed a semi load of Christmas trees. We got close enough to see if the truck was from Michigan, but ~sigh~ it was from Minnesota. A lot of people in the west are going to enjoy those trees, some of which had to …

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Refining Grace