Every Body’s Guide to Every Day Pain by Ya-Ling J. Liou D.C. – Book Summary

These words used to be part of someone else’s conversation, but now they are part of mine. “It never used to hurt when I did that!” and that’s just what this book is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65, there will be times when pain appears and all you want is an explanation, a remedy now and a way to prevent it from happening again. This is the book that helps with each of those elements of every day pain. I noticed, and you might be …

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Unacceptable – What do you think when you hear that word? Disheartened? Anxious?  Unacceptable. If you’re anything like me – human – you’ve experienced ‘unacceptable’. No matter how much effort I put into an activity, I never get it right the first time; don’t achieve perfection; concede to the do over. It’s tempting to affix the label ‘unacceptable’ to the whole project and just give up. Consider this with me for a moment. Sometimes we pray for God to give us direction, to open the right doors, and to show …

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The probationary period has ended

The probationary period has ended. Do you know me? If you do, you will know that in every employment position I ever had there was one component that I hated … and that’s not an exaggerated term. I absolutely hated the performance review in every minute aspect. If my performance is being rated in meticulous detail, I will fall short of perfection. When that happens, tell me now so I can make corrections now. Three months later or (gasp) a year later is well past the incubation period to effectively …

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Refining Grace