Awful or Awesome?

Yesterday at the end of a full and productive week, I was eager for the weekend. You know. Put work on the shelf, get into a book, take a long walk, watch a Hallmark movie. After hours of concentrated work with substantial progress I had that winning feeling. An hour later, I was overcome. The project that every ounce of energy had been poured into has to be reworked, and now instead of three weeks, I have one. There’s a big difference between being overcome and being an overcomer. Looking …

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Yes – But do you trust me?

Yes, but do you trust me? Trust is one of the big buzz words today, isn’t it? Open a book, read the newspaper, listen to a talk show, watch the news … trust is a factor. Remember when it was the used car salesman that had the reputation for being shady and underhanded? Today that stereotype extends to anyone from the sidewalk to the boardroom. We are stunned to hear about criminal acts committed in secret by someone we’ve respected. Unbelievable, we say.  How could that happen? Trust is a …

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Refining Grace