Advent Week 4 Theme: Peace – There is no chance for peace if we don't listen

One of the most well known parts of the Christmas story is in our reading for today. It takes place at the moment in time when Gabriel had the conversation with Mary. We’ve heard the story so many times the impact of what really happened is diminished. Put yourself in Mary’s place for a few minutes.  She is outside gathering sticks for the fire, or helping with the evening meal. Maybe she’s inside wondering if she’ll get to sleep that night. Mary is thinking about what it will mean to …

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Celebrate today

Celebrate Today – with each new day there are new miracles.  As of right about now, I’ve been on vacation for 7 days. Go ahead. Congratulate me now because this is an awesome accomplishment! My last vacation was 4 years ago and during that time I did a research project and wrote a social media policy.  I don’t vacation well. I don’t relax well. I’ve learned something. You can teach an old dog new tricks. For anyone who’s curious, I’ve traveled comfortably and as the doctor required, we’ve stopped every …

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Refining Grace