Every Body’s Guide to Every Day Pain by Ya-Ling J. Liou D.C. – Book Summary

These words used to be part of someone else’s conversation, but now they are part of mine. “It never used to hurt when I did that!” and that’s just what this book is all about. It doesn’t matter if you’re 25 or 65, there will be times when pain appears and all you want is an explanation, a remedy now and a way to prevent it from happening again. This is the book that helps with each of those elements of every day pain. I noticed, and you might be …

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Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! book summary

Busy, Stressed, and Food Obsessed! I think more than the title of this book, the real magnet for me is the subtitle. “Calm down, ditch your inner-critic, and finally figure out what your body needs to thrive.” The author, Lisa Lewtan, has written a masterpiece and if you practice what you read in this book you will benefit from her holistic approach to lifestyle management.  Lisa tells her own story of living the life of a reformed sugar addict, food lover, full throttle entrepreneur, super mom, and die-hard volunteer. She’s …

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Celebrate today

Celebrate Today – with each new day there are new miracles.  As of right about now, I’ve been on vacation for 7 days. Go ahead. Congratulate me now because this is an awesome accomplishment! My last vacation was 4 years ago and during that time I did a research project and wrote a social media policy.  I don’t vacation well. I don’t relax well. I’ve learned something. You can teach an old dog new tricks. For anyone who’s curious, I’ve traveled comfortably and as the doctor required, we’ve stopped every …

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Refining Grace