Today and Every Day

Today is November 11th, the day all across America we celebrate Veterans Day. In case you’re curious here’s the canned definition of how it came to be: “Veterans Day was originally established to honor Americans who had served in World War I. The national holiday is celebrated on November 11, the anniversary of the day … Read more

Seriously THANK the military for their service

OK!  Everybody Up! Rise and Shine!  Good Morning! Up! Up! Up!  Do you know a veteran?  Do you know an Active military person? Do you know someone in the military Reserves?  Better keep your eyes and arms open today so you’re ready to reach out and shake the hand of, or physically wrap your arms … Read more

You are now free to move about the planet …

You are now free to move about the planet …. It seems like we should use a different word than ‘celebrate’ when we talk about Memorial Day.  I guess it sounds strange to say we’ honor’ Memorial Day, even though we are honoring anyone in the military who have given their lives in the ravages … Read more

Refining Grace