And some were made to be followers

Maybe it’s the occupation I’m in or possibly the fact that I’m an incurable information junkie, but does it seem to you that we are overrun by media for managers, books, seminars and multi-day programs for leadership training. Conferences and seminars beckon aspiring leaders. Last week my copy of Inc Magazine came and here’s what took up the whole cover. “Become a better leader in just two days.” Not impossible, but doubtful. Through books and blogs, volumes are written on the topic of leadership.  There is no lack of training …

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Time to wake up!

I woke up this morning with this song in my heart: Living for Jesus a life that is true, striving to please him in all that I do. Yielding allegiance glad hearted and free, this is the pathway of blessing for me. Oh Jesus Lord and Savior, I give my heart to thee, for thou in thine atonement, did give yourself for me, I own no other master, my heart will be thy throne, my life I give henceforth to live, O Christ, for thee alone. I had to go …

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Refining Grace