The super hero of Easter does not wear floppy ears.

There’s a new show in town. Maybe you’ve hear of it. Batman v Superman. I rarely pay attention to titles of movies and I’m selective of those that I see, but this one bothered me. When did the good guys turn their focus from catching the villain and start pouring all their energy into competing … Read more

Advent Week 3 Theme: Joy – And so begins the story of where JOY comes from…

When I was a little kid you could ask me anytime of the year and I would tell you my favorite scripture in the Bible was Luke 2. You know. Luke 2 where the traditional Christmas story is found. Imagine my shock last week when someone told me they don’t like the Christmas story. What?!?! … Read more

Who's your hero?

I’ve been working on a training course that helps students of an organization develop their personal mission statement. Naturally, as I work, I’m also researching and learning. One of the suggestions for designing your own vision is to think of people who have had a positive impact on your life. Interesting concept and certainly an … Read more

Refining Grace