Advent Week 4Theme: Peace – Can you imagine holding a baby who came to be light in a dark world?

This scripture today is the conclusion of Advent readings. I don’t know how many of these scripture readings you’ve followed along with, if you’ve enjoyed them or learned anything new. I know everyone says time flies and that’s what happened here. It’s been 4 full weeks of daily advent readings – what to do? Here’s my first thought no matter where we go from here.  Proverbs 17:22 “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.” Treat yourself to joy every day!  So here we are at …

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Kids With Benefits

I was talking with a friend yesterday who has children the ages of my youngest grandchildren as we talked I realized how blessed my life has been because of children. First my own, now grandchildren. As I write this, I look around and the evidence of children surrounds me. The pile of family pictures I’m choosing from to create a collage for the Annual Anderson News You’ll Never Use newsletter, a calendar open to December messy with planned family events – a movie, concert, kids program, Christmas Eve. The family room …

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Treasure or Reject – What's in your box?

OK- Everybody up Rise and Shine It’s a new day.  It’s Saturday. It’s the weekend. Up! Up! Up! Today, I woke up and … well, and that’s a good thing.  Right? Feet on the floor – I can walk. Eyes open wide – I can see.  Warm house, hot water, clothes to wear, plans for the day, food to eat, COFFEE . . . I am blessed! If I had a box to hold all my blessings and another box to hold all my aggravations, the blessing box would be …

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Refining Grace