What if you didn't marry your best friend?

Once upon a time there were two kids who got married on a beautiful, snowy day in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’m sure parents, family, and friends thought they were witnessing a wedding then that would turn into divorce before anniversary number one. Well, that didn’t happen as you can see, because here we are celebrating … Read more

Attitude of gratitude …. is it achievable?

Attitude of gratitude. You’ve heard about it. Right? It isn’t just a cute little phrase with a nice sounding rhyme. It really does mean choosing to have an attitude of gratitude woven into your character – my character. So what’s your success rate with that, you ask. Well, I’m not at 100%, but I’m grateful … Read more

The season of joy …. where does it go after the holidays?

Well … here we are. Monday. After a weekend. After a holiday. After. After. OK stop! It’s tough, isn’t it? We’ve just been through a month of anticipation, weeks of excitement, days of planning, and hours of celebration with people we love, all special moments etched in our memories. Maybe you’re glad it’s over and … Read more