It's the fight that counts

OK everybody up! Rise and shine! Good Morning to you!  It’s the weekend! Remember…nothing is better than this day. And you say, wait a minute, that’s what you say every day. And you’re right, of course, because it’s true! Nothing is better than this new day. I’ve been thinking a lot about that lately. Must be … Read more

The Ultimate Comfort Zone

We are a blanket family. I’m literally mesmerized by stores where walls breathe thick towels, floors are spongy with throw rugs, and blankets spill off shelves. Blankets, though, entice me and even though my family laughs at me over it, they are all blanket people too. Walk into my house, it doesn’t have to be … Read more

Let's face it. Life is tough. Pray Hard!

Yesterday someone asked me about what I posted. They said – I’m so angry at how things have turned out sometimes and I wonder. Does that mean I wasn’t armored and prepared for the attack? I’m not a Biblical scholar, but I’m a human with every spiritual frailty known to man. I don’t know how … Read more

What's the going style for armor? I'm looking for a matching set.

I don’t like to shop. It’s not that I detest it or that shopping causes a war within myself when I have to do it. It’s just that there are other things I enjoy more. I admit, though, that I like new things; especially clothes. Hand-me-downs or thrift-store finds are just as fun to wear … Read more

Inside Out

I hear there is rain in the forecast; or is it snow? It’s April, after all.  But that means cloudy and overcast, not much sun but what does that mean? Cloudy outside and a great opportunity to be sunny inside.  Awhile back I wrote about how a candle shines brightest when the room is darkest.  … Read more