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I read this book by Paul Sohn with great expectations because I have been reading his blog for a couple years. As a retired grandmother, I am not a likely candidate to read Quarter-Life Calling – or am I? The truth is, I’m in the 3rd Quarter of my life, not the 1st but the more I read page after page of this book, the more relevant it became. Regardless of age, living the life God desires for us is living in our own sweet spot.quarter life calling book cover
The conflict between contentment and comparison is not age or gender specific. Paul tells of how he aspired to the C-Suite, working to exhaustion, giving his all for the American Dream. Instead God revealed to him that by pursuing his dream of being “the youngest CEO of a Fortune 500 company, Paul was believing a lie, destined to living without meaning and never find fulfillment.
With his dream of being the youngest CEO within his grasp, Paul realized the world was shouting, “Pursue your passion. Dream big” but God was quietly speaking to him about pursuing a relationship with him. Instead of dreaming big, his Creator wanted Paul to surrender his dreams to the Lord of his life, who is the only one qualified to define and fulfill a dream.
This book is more than a personal story of redemption, dedication, surrender and stewardship. There is a chapter for every aspect of living a life dedicated to the Creator of life. What is whole life stewardship? How do you transition from the twenty something life that feels like twenty nothing? You are God’s Masterpiece. How do you find your identity in Christ and shed the experiences of the past that no longer serve you? Is it your calling or is it your gift? Why can you live out your spiritual calling in a secular vocation? What does God say about your work and relationship to him? The only way to live in our sweet spot is to live in God’s presence. This is what you will learn in Quarter-Life Calling, How to Find your Sweet Spot.
This is your book. It will be life changing if you read with an open heart and prayerful spirit. Honestly answer the questions aimed at how you apply the principles of each chapter. Reflect, journal, act, and develop your relationship with your Creator whose love for you is so deep, he planned your life before you were born. Use this book to get to know God. Use this book to get to know yourself. Use this book to live in your sweet spot.
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