Overcoming an Imperfect Boss – book review

Why is it so hard to work for someone else? Karin Hurt attempts to answer that in her book Overcoming an Imperfect Boss. “The boss-subordinate relationship is unnatural by design. We look to a person we have not chosen (whom we may or may not respect) for affirmation, evaluation, and reward. Then we have to figure out what will make that person happy. Further we take this unnatural structure and make it even more awkward through performance feedback systems.”
Let’s admit right off the bat that your boss might be flawed. Nobody expects perfection in a boss or in a subordinate, but there are ways to ease the tension and work through the issues anyway. Karin describes some ways to help navigate the labyrinth of boss-subordinate relationships and in the process build a better workplace.  I won’t cover all of them in this short book review but when you read the whole book you will recognize that you have lived in nearly identical situations.
Speaking from her knowledge as a boss and as a subordinate, Karin’s presentation of experiences will grasp your attention and, like me, you won’t want to put the book down.
Read the full review here. https://bizcatalyst360.com/overcoming-an-imperfect-boss-a-practical-guide-to-building-a-better-relationship-with-your-boss/

2 thoughts on “Overcoming an Imperfect Boss – book review”

  1. Jane, thank you for telling us about this helpful and practical book. I’ve added it to my wish list, as I know it will come in handy when I reenter the workforce after I’m retired from homeschooling. I’m sure it would be helpful for self-employed people since there are people challenges everywhere. I might just be someones. 😉 We can only change ourselves—so we’re wise to be the best person we can be.
    Blessings on this first day of summer ~ Wendy ❀

    • Thank you so much Wendy. That book had so many excellent ideas of things to do to make the work environment a better place, not just where bosses are concerned but coworkers too.


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