Just Some Life Lessons I Have Learned

In the world of bloggers, one of the common themes is “What would you tell your 25 year old self?” I considered blogging today, but after reading this meditative and introspective piece from Jessica Caitlin Rushford I couldn’t pass it up and not share it. I have never written anything about what I would tell my 25 year old self. Now I don’t have to, because this is what I am telling myself today at a whole lot older than 25. And it still applies.
Jessica is a senior in college and describes herself this way, “I’m just a pretty boring college girl who thinks a lot.” I’m not sure that boring is even close to the word I would use to describe this talented, sparkling, refreshing, beautiful, wise young woman.
Jessica’s blog is age neutral. It doesn’t matter if you’re 15 or 95 – everything she says is relative in some way. I especially love the ‘be thankful’ and ‘don’t compare’. This will take less than 3 minutes to read, but a lifetime to absorb … if you do life right.
Till next time … enJOY your Friday.

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