4 thoughts on “Friendship – It's your turn!”

  1. It’s so true that in order to have friends, we have to be a friend. Today we’ve all become so disconnected thanks to technology, that we really have to make an extra effort to call our friends, send letters, or meet with them in person. But it’s worth the effort to build these relationships and keep them strong!

  2. I absolutely loved this post, Jane! It felt to be so light-hearted.
    I however disagree! Some days go all-wonderful! They do!!
    …although as I sat and tried to put my memory-finger on just one to share with you as an example, I came up empty handed. But I am sure!! (snickering)
    The Bible also reminds us that we are not MEANT to travel through life alone, does it not? Does it not caution and remind us that at least three friends are required for keeping us on the right and good path and to help us stand if we stumble or fall? These are the ones I pull out most often for Papa… he so much believes that a good and strong man must stand alone. (So wrong)

  3. A couple years ago I was going to write about friendship. I searched and searched but so few scriptures are complimentary about friends. Most of the verses talk about friends who drag you down, or make you feel stupid – I gave up on that idea. I still write about friendship, but I use a few scattered verses and make the rest up. LOL You are an awesome friend and whether you are surrounded by people or a lone candle in the forest – you shine and I can hear Turn on your heartlight wafting over.


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