Why does this blog exist?

I’ve been thinking alot about the incidents of bullying and the ravages of cruelty in person and online.  I joined an online writing group through LinkedIn and within a few days, I witnessed extreme bashing and hurtful dialog between two members of the group.  I’m sure they didn’t know each other on a personal level.  One of the men asked for help with his grammar and was seeking resources.  The other man jumped all over him with a vengeance for using the wrong link in the group to ask his question.  I was appalled and I hurt for the man being bullied for no reason.  I also decided that even if the group had all the potential of valuable leads and support, I didn’t want to be associated with it.
This blog is intended to spread kindness – support, graciousness, and a kind word.  That’s all you will find here. If that doesn’t interest you, I invite you to seek another blog more in tune with what you’d rather read.  Talk Kindness To Me

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