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Competing to Win: Lessons Learned for Reaching the Next Level of Organizational Performance by Dr. Ted Marra competing to win book cover
Setting the tone for this book and deriving the major theme is clearly articulated in the forward by Philip Sadler. He says a global business operating in today’s world has many more balls in the air than a juggling act. In fact it is no longer a few standard variety balls in the air but multiples of two kinds. One set of balls is leadership, developing a vision, and creating culture while the second set is the essentials of management, strategic planning and execution. Writing from the depths of his own experience and using case studies, examples, and diagrams from research, Dr. Marra’s book facilitates actions that will lead to organizational agility and strength. He invites leaders into the experience of making a difference by recognizing that success comes from getting a small number of critical things right. The book itself contains a penetrating series of questions that augment what is learned in each chapter. Answering the questions is to enable the application of principles derived from reading.
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