The dreaded English Comp essay OR "What I did on my summer vacation"

I still remember the stuffiness of the room, the creaking plank wood floors and light streaming through freshly washed windows making aberrations out of airborne dust particles. I remember most the groans and shifting weight on chairs as the teacher’s pronounced our first assignment of the year. The dreaded essay titled “What I did on my summer vacation.” The bell rang, chairs scraped against the floor and 27 pairs of feet scuffled communally toward the door. What should I write about that every other kid wouldn’t? Our summers in Michigan’s …

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The 1st Mother's Day

Mother’s Day …. is today! I hope you aren’t too saturated with Mother’s Day stories already. Oh! And if you hurry you still have time to wish someone a happy Mother’s Day. Yesterday I noticed a marquee in front of our local flower shop proclaiming “Celebrate moms.  The original seatbelt.”  I know.  I laughed too.  If you were born before the 1970s, you will remember that wearing seatbelts was recommended, but not required.  My kids wore seatbelts, but they also unbuckled when I wasn’t looking.  Consequently, to this day, when …

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Refining Grace