Breaking Through: Discovering the Riches Within – Book Review

When this book was given to me, I didn’t realize how well I would relate to the author’s story. From the first page, I recognized it as one of those books that has all the elements of a memorable experience told as though I could have lived through it myself. It was a tough book to read at times because the story tells the life story in raw detail of a man whose life revolved around alcohol even though he had a family, home, and steady employment. At many points I wanted to say “Wake Up! What are you doing?”
This book really tugged at my emotions, but not in a sappy sort of way. I didn’t grow up in an abusive home ruled by an unstable mother, and alcoholism never became a personal demon, but I witnessed firsthand the devastating effects of lives in turmoil by disease and mental illness triggered by addictions. I hope you read the book because it’s infused with hope that there is possibility of a new beginning to those who are tormented and being destroyed by addictions. This is inspiration with instruction – a book that really does travel the path from tragedy to triumph and proves that an amazing life is possible on the other side of addiction.
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